Easy steps to order

The following links and explanations will get you ready to order our items in a minute.

Start by registering your account here.
Don't forget to check your email to confirm your registration!

Once registered you will be able to purchase our items at wholesale prices (No minimum order, but we charge 10 CHF handling fees for orders less than 50 CHF).
You can check out more detailed information about our pricing policy here.

To browse our products you can go to the Piercing and Tattoo Menus at the top of the page.
Here you can find some more search tips to help you find the products you are looking for.

Once you click on one of the products you will be able to view all available sizes and different colors.
We added a grid style order form that displays those sizes and colors so you can easily add the same item in different sizes and/or colors to your shopping box in one click.
When ready to place the order, just go to your Shopping Box, enter your Purchase Order reference (freely selectable) and confirm your order.

You can now follow up your order by going to the My Account - Open Orders menu or by clicking here.
The status of your order will be updated daily.

Depending on your customer status, we will either ship out the order immediately or request payment.

We made some tools like order templates to try to help you save some of your time.
Check out this link regulary as we will continue developing other tools.